Why I deleted Facebook and Instagram

We are bypassing the obvious New Year cliche, but I’ve decided to take a break from certain social media sites. Specifically, Facebook and Instagram. You see everywhere how Facebook and Instagram cause a toxic mindset for young people. We fall into the illusion that everyone’s lives are perfect. Everyone knows this, yet we yearn to have the slim, … More Why I deleted Facebook and Instagram

Summer Rewind 2018

Last year I wrote the Summer Rewind post where I displayed what I’d been doing over the summer and seen as I’ve been MIA forever, I thought I would do Summer/Autumn Rewind, seen as its near winter. So without further ado, here’s my rewind. June 1st of June I set off for my incredible adventure … More Summer Rewind 2018

Rock Climbing vs Ice Climbing: Through a Novices Eyes

So in no way am I an expert on either rock climbing or ice climbing, however, I’ve tried both over the summer and I can give my beginners opinion to a fellow beginner. The Obvious Difference The main difference between the two is the object you’re climbing, rock and ice, which means there will be … More Rock Climbing vs Ice Climbing: Through a Novices Eyes

Summer Rewind 2017

Seen as tomorrow is September, and I start back at college in less than a week, I thought I would base my first post on my summer, and basically talk about myself, so you know, the usual. Just Kidding, but here’s my good and bad points of summer ’17. June The first couple weeks of … More Summer Rewind 2017