How to Get Out

We live a lazy world. Admit it you get someone to drop you off when you could take a bus. You get your weekly food shop delivered. If you could, you would have a fridge next to your bed and a TV on your ceiling. We all would. I get it. However, being an old-fashioned … More How to Get Out


Normally, all my blogs are about the Duke of Edinburgh, or how to work it round your life, but as it’s the first blog of the new year, I thought I’d start it out a little differently. I don’t want this blog to sound like an opening to a cheesy movie, it’s just recently, I’ve … More Fears

How to – Buy Christmas presents for an Explorer

Okay, to a non-explorer were not the easiest people to buy for. But once you’ve ‘cracked that shell’ there’s so much you can buy for them, whether they’re your friend, son/daughter or you’re in a relationship with them. I’ve compiled a gift guide which is pretty unisex, so you can’t really go wrong. 1) ‘Survival … More How to – Buy Christmas presents for an Explorer


So I’m really your basic British teenage girl really, but except for parties, I’ve got weekly meetings, instead of walking round the shopping centre all day Saturday, I’m normally helping out at bag packing fundraisers or walking through the ‘countryside’ (fields, nothing but fields) and change dating boys to literally them being like my brothers, … More Introduction