Why I deleted Facebook and Instagram

We are bypassing the obvious New Year cliche, but I’ve decided to take a break from certain social media sites. Specifically, Facebook and Instagram. You see everywhere how Facebook and Instagram cause a toxic mindset for young people. We fall into the illusion that everyone’s lives are perfect. Everyone knows this, yet we yearn to have the slim, … More Why I deleted Facebook and Instagram


Okay, so when I first started this blog I was a 15 year old explorer scout, I had a lot to write about with no time to write it. I have a full notebook with posts I’d planned, but every weekend would be filled with trips or work or just living, so I barely got … More Thoughts


Okay I get it, I’m the worst Blogger alive, I’m probably not even allowed the title. The last time I posted was alllll the way back in September and I could go on about how I have a work life, a college life, a social life and a scouting life, and anyone who does scouts … More Fun-draising