Will I make it back to Uni? Dory’s Sandwiches

This guide is here to help you grab delicious food around Liverpool in under an hour, on a budget.

Chicken and stuffing with gravy, yum.

There’s nothing more important to a student than cheap tasty food, well maybe alcohol, oh and learning (maybe). I decided to create this series to highlight yummy food around Liverpool and excuse buying lunch every day.

To do this the meals will be rated on the following qualities: location, price, return-abilty (would we go back) and the best part, taste!

Starting on a high: Dory’s Sandwiches

I have heard so many good things about Dory’s sandwich shop, and honestly for good reason.

I should have run immediately when I first heard about it because oh my days, those sandwiches are life-changers.

This is not usual for me either, I’m not a sandwich gal usually. But wow. Just wow. They have so many options, fast and helpful service, and my days the baguette was so soft, my mouth is watering thinking about it. I opted for chicken and stuffing with gravy, whereas my friends went for piri-piri chicken, fried halloumi and salad, and a pasta box.

Location: Hardman Street, close to most of Liverpool, perfect walking distance to the LJMU buildings. We even had so much time to sit and eat back in uni. Even if it was on the moon, I’d get my trainers on and start jogging.

Price: I would say a good price for a sandwich, my baguette and a Lipton ice tea was £5.50, and when you think, I didn’t have to go out and buy, prep and make the sandwich, I would happily pay that.

Return-ability: ABSOLUTELY. Without a doubt.

Taste: I don’t know if I’ve covered this yet, but this was the.best.sandwich. I sound like Joey from Friends when he tries to save a meatball sub when he thought they were shot at. But like Joey, I’d take a bullet for that sandwich.

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