Uni Life Hacks

Okay so now I’m back officially for my semester 2 of my last year at university, I thought I’d share some of the completely random hacks I’ve found while being a student living away. I cringed at the fact I’m in my last semester, especially as so far my years been entirely online, but we’ll get through this together. Without further ado, here’s my hacks:

Wash your Bin in the Shower

Hear me out. It sounds strange and gross, but not nearly as gross as your communal bin. I’m not going to go into why you’re bins gross, regardless of it being in a student house, if you don’t know, then I’m worried. To clean the best idea is to sacrifice your shower for 10 minutes, get a sponge, all purpose cleaner (even fairy liquid) and wash away. The shower means the water won’t go everywhere and you have the space to clean it. The movable shower head makes it sooo much easier to get the hard-to-reach areas. Using some bleach wont go a miss either. This also gives you a great reason to clean your bathroom after too! Extra tip, do it straight away because they smell gross, it will only get worse and everyone says they will do it, but no one will.

Locking your Phone

Can you tell I had deadlines between the 4th and 13th

Are you that much of a procrastinator as I am that you have to download an app to focus and lock all your apps between 4pm and 8pm? Well, here’s the tip for you. I have a horrendous screen time and this is something that really worries me. I understand we’re in a lockdown and I should go easy on myself, but I feel like I’m wasting my time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook too much. To combat this I set a lock on my phone between 4pm-8pm so I can’t access my apps. It’s not as aggressive as it sounds, if I want to use an app for a while I click on it and can either have one minute, 15 minutes or even unlock it for the evening. This is perfect for study breaks and means I don’t get notifications all the time.

I also downloaded Forest, an app which grows a tree for the length of time you’re off your phone. For instance when I’m studying I set the timer to 45 minutes and a tree will grow in that time. You can earn coins to either unlock more species of trees or even plant a real tree. However, if you use your phone for other apps during this time, your tree will die. I really love this app as I can see how long I’ve been working for, especially during deadlines etc.

Camping Table Desk

Did you pull the short straw and get the smallest room? yeah join the club. I love my cosy room, however the desk situation was pretty dire, especially as all my classes are online, I need space to work etc etc. I started looking around, tried the lap desk thats all over Tiktok, sadly got too distracted when working from my bed and had one to many naps by accident. I needed something that was portable as this is only a tmporary room and I’m on a small budget. I had the perfect idea of buying a camping table and using it as a desk. The legs are adjustable, it can be all folded up, was under £20 and worked amazingly for the flat christmas dinner. It really has paid for itslef at this point. I got mine on Amazon for £18, but you can definitely get them at camping shops etc.

Enjoy your Time

It is especially shitty right now during covid, so make the most of your time with your friends, enjoy a movie night, enjoy your one-walk-a-day, make the most of your Come Dine with Me special meals. Its such a shitty time so being a s positive as possible when you do have two seconds away from zoom is key.

Extra Random Tips

  • Use hoop earrings to hold your bobbles
  • Be extra nice to your landlord, even if they’re nobheads (most likely) but if you’re sickly sweet they’re more likely to help
  • Have one main contact for your landlord, if there’s an issue just use one person. Its more often you’re not their only tenants so 5 random contacts isn’t as helpful as one main person
  • Invest in fun games, especially now, but articulate is class after one too many
  • Keep a roll of toilet paper in your room if you buy the pack. It runs out so fast and everyone will forget to buy it, honestly life saver. You’ll thank me later.

I know its criminal how long it’s been since I posted on here. I have been volunteering for a charity and been guest-blogging for a student magazine so you will have to forgive me. Hope you enjoyed my tips!

*All opinions are my own, I am not affiliated with any brand*

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