Why I deleted Facebook and Instagram

We are bypassing the obvious New Year cliche, but I’ve decided to take a break from certain social media sites. Specifically, Facebook and Instagram. You see everywhere how Facebook and Instagram cause a toxic mindset for young people. We fall into the illusion that everyone’s lives are perfect. Everyone knows this, yet we yearn to have the slim, toned bodies of supermodels and the jet setting lifestyle of a Kardashian.

I found myself checking Facebook as soon as I’d opened my eyes in a morning and basically when I closed them at night. It was a constant time filler. If I was doing something and it took a while to load, I would check Facebook, then half an hour later I would realise I was supposed to be doing something else. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent watching The Graham Norton Show clips on Facebook, but never actually tuned in at 10:35pm on a Friday night, to watch the live show. Instagram is no better, there is so much to do on the sites, you forget the real world ever existed!

When I was around 14 years old I was obsessed with YouTubers. I would have Bethany Mota marathons, watch O2L all night long and wait all day for Vlogmas’s to be uploaded. All in all, I think YouTube is an amazing platform. It’s a space for people to be themselves for other people. It answers questions that you don’t want to ask, for fear of judgement or embarrassment. But it got to a point where I cared more about a person I’d never met before than I did my own self. I spent Christmas day watching hauls instead of spending precious time with my family. This pushed me to go do something for myself, joining the Explorer Scouts, which changed my life, made tonnes of friends and gave me experiences I would have never had.

I’m not going cold-turkey. I’m not setting a deadline. I’m just seeing if I feel better in myself without it. If I want to I’ll add it back but right now its refreshing to come up for air.


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