What to Expect: Camp Interview/Job fair

Now it’s the New Year, time for ‘New Year New Me’ posts, ‘Leaving … in 2018’ posts and… camp interviews. It’s finally time guys, job fairs are coming up so it’s a great time to have the initial interview for your chosen program. Plus it gives you enough time to boost up your application to the best it can be so you’re most likely to be seen by as many directors as possible. Here are a couple of tips in order for you to ace the interview:

1. Be Yourself

At the end of the day, they’re hiring you for your skills and personality. If you’re not who you say you are, it does not look good. Plus there’s no need to lie, you’re amazing whether you can sing, dance or just want to have fun at camp. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. (During my job fair interview I sang a campfire song and got hired…)

2. Dress Code

Smart Casual. By that I don’t mean Tuxedo on top, board shorts on the bottom, I see it as think of a family meal. I’ve just had my returners interview so I wore one of the camp shirts I bought after summer, cos ya know, dress for the job you want (my dad thought that joke was funny).

3. Try your Best

For instance, make sure your application is, in your opinion, the best it could be. If you think it could be better, ask for help. When you get to your initial interview, the interviewer is there to help you. They have already been to camp so they know what will get you hired, so just ask away that’s what they are there for.

4. Be Eager

A great trait for all interviews is to be eager. Before you go, do some research on the company, look on their website, ask around, call up. It all looks as though you have put in the effort to find out more. It shows an interest which is a very good first impression. I struggled at my job fair as there were so many camps, I didn’t know where to start, so while I was waiting in the long queues, I would have a quick Google, so once we got into the interview I was not caught out. Eye contact is a must!

5. What goes down

So basically the interviewer will ask you some questions, about you, your life, experiences all to do with camp. So think of some anecdotes you could add or specific information that will help, like how old were the kids you worked with? Did you enjoy it? Then they will go through your application with you and talk about how you can make it better, so bring a copy – you can make notes while they are talking. (Looks very good, as though you are putting a lot of effort in). Then you can ask any questions you need. Make a list beforehand, such as ‘what looks good in a showcase? When is the next job fair? I’m confused about the visa?’ The interviewer is the best source of information for these questions as they’ve been in your shoes, plus if they don’t know they know who will.

So these are my tips on how to master your interview.

Have the same mindset as if you were going into any another job interview, so be professional, but excited and thrilled as you’re one step closer to getting off that plane and having the summer of your life!

*All opinions are my own, not affiliated with anyone/brand*

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