Summer Rewind 2018

Last year I wrote the Summer Rewind post where I displayed what I’d been doing over the summer and seen as I’ve been MIA forever, I thought I would do Summer/Autumn Rewind, seen as its near winter. So without further ado, here’s my rewind.


chilling1st of June I set off for my incredible adventure as a Program Specialist Councillor for Camp Roger in Utah. An amazing experience, something I will go into fine detail in separately. It was a long day of traveling but it was all worth it when I arrived. Northern Utah is not like anywhere I’ve ever been before, the heat, the landscape, the people, all eye-opening. I felt like a fish out of water. Not long since getting to camp did I get into the swing of things. As my camp gave us the weekends off I was able to venture into the beautiful Park City (the cleanest place I’ve ever seen, immaculate), see the fancy stores and even watch The Incredibles 2 – anyone else weirded out by the short film at the beginning? Loved it though. Also became best friends with Walmart in June, its a long distance thing now but I’m sure we’ll be friends forever.


IMG_4354Ah, July. I love July. Even in England July is great. But in America, nothing tops it. I mean 4th of July, wild stuff. Luckily over 4th of July week was also the 70th anniversary for my camp, which meant alumni came for a barbeque and we were able to see old pictures of the councilors. It will be amazing to see our photos in 50 years, see how it all changes. Camp was incredible, had a lot of themed weeks, met some awesome kids, they truly change you. Then at the weekends, we’d grab some tents, firewood and just head out camping, we’d chill and tell our deepest, darkest secrets (why not). The friends you make at camp are like no other. You’re thrown together in a foreign country and have no one else but them, to this day I would say they’re some of my best friends. You take every chance you can to see them. Also, loved exploring Salt Lake City and the gorgeous Temple Square, yet again immaculate. It’s amazing to see how much care and consideration people have for their holy ground and the city in general. May have been to Village Inn one too many times.


IMG_4715August was a big month for me, so much happened in August. The start of August held the last two weeks of camp, not to pick favourites… but my two favourite weeks at camp. Hilarious kids, easy going atmosphere, everyone was cherishing each moment as we knew we didn’t have many. We went tubing as an entire staff which was unbelievably entertaining. Chanai and I kind of got lost from the group for around 20 minutes, we thought we’d gone too far, nearly cried, thought we’d end up in England, it was a mess okay. Luckily, we hadn’t and soon found the group, lol. We had a massive end of camp clean up, which doesn’t sound fun but was very amusing at 3am, then had blubbering goodbyes at 10am. It was heartbreaking to think I would never see some of those extraordinary people again. Soon after, I got a flight to San Francisco to begin my Trek Adventure. Trek is an awesome company who gives tours around America, I will go into more detail separately, however with mine I was able to see San Fran, Yosemite, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Arizona, Route 66 and the Los Angeles. An absolute bucket list trip for around £600 for 1 week. A real steal. I made some more fabulous friends, even though we only had a week together, I still talk to many now. After my Trek, I flew back to San Fran to hang out with some Camp friends for a couple of days before I headed home on the 30th August.


first yearHome after the most unreal 3 months of my life and all I could do was sleep. In fairness, I was so jetlagged. It hit me when I was at Ikea at 2pm and I fell asleep in the car park. It took a while to readjust. But unfortunately, I only had 2 weeks as I was moving to University in a new city, 16 days from getting back from America, I know killer. So, I had to get a move on, see everyone I wanted to see, get everything sorted for university and sleep. Somehow I did it and I packed the car and moved to Liverpool, on time. I’d chosen to live in halls for my first year, it’s the ‘thing’ for freshers. I spent the rest of September getting drunk and making friends. How the world intended it to be.


IMG_0801I calmed down after freshers, got my act together and started getting more serious. Fun. I take a Media related course, so most of my work is theory based which means I have barely any exams which I am very thankful for. This also means I have spent quite a few nights in the library until 2 am, which my sleeping pattern is less than thankful for. I celebrated my 19th birthday yay! the big 1-9!!! During which I had to have an ultrasound on my boob, showing the nurses my birthday suit on my big day. Ah well, needed to happen, all good though. Thank goodness. The rest of October was pretty usual, I work 3ish jobs, an interviewer for Camp Leaders (yayayayay), a waitress at Liverpool FC (yay) and agency work (eh). October, you have been good to me. The main thing, some of my camp besties (pic) came down and we ate Wagamama’s and talked for hours, the best time.


Seen as we’re 9 days into November, I came home, chilled with my dog and planned my blog, so November is looking good so far.

Obviously, this rewind doesn’t have every single thing I’ve done. I’ve had the happiest summer of my life! There are many topics I want to go into detail, ie. camp and Trek, so listen up for those 🙂 safe travels x

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