The Scouts Guide: Halloween Crafts

As Halloween is fast approaching, I thought I would do a blog post on all the fun and interesting Halloween crafts I did with the cub scouts. Cubs love making messy things so don’t expect it to go perfect, they usually find it more fun when it doesn’t!

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Here’s one I found on google – credits to

Toilet Paper Bats

If you’ve never seen toilet paper bats, you’ve never lived. They are amazing, cheap and effective. All you need is a toilet roll end, card, string, a small knife (better if you leaders use this), some paint or sharpies, a little bit of glue and googly eyes. Firstly make a small hole at the top back of the toilet roll end (where you won’t see it) and feed the string into the roll. Then tie a knot so the string stays in place. Use the knife and create two symmetrical slits in the sides, for your wings, then fold the top in half so it covers the hole, which makes the top ends look pointy. Now for the fun part. Grab your sharpies or paint and go to town on your roll, colour as much as you like and whatever colour you want. The kids will love making them different colours, so embrace it! Now grab them a card matching their bats body and draw and cut out their wings but leave a little ‘seam allowance’ so you can fold it inside the slit and put glue on the fold so it sticks to the bat easily. And there you have it! The cubs will go ‘bat’ crazy for these.

Spider Digestives

Now this task is fun and tasty, the best combo. You will need digestives (lots), icing, sugar cola laces, little gems (found in the baking isle) and chocolate buttons. Firstly hand out everyone a digestive (after they wash their hands) and give them all some white icing and spoons. Now put the chocolate button in the middle of the biscuit for their spider’s body and stick it down with the icing. Then chop up the cola laces so they’re small and similar sizes for the legs and stick them down with the icing. Lastly, stick down the gems with icing again. It will get messy so prepare yourself with sponges and water. But the cubs will love it! So there you have it quick, easy and delicious.

Here’s one I made earlier.

Milk Bottle Ghosts

This is very simple but very effective all you need is glow sticks, pens and to get the cubs to bring some milk bottles down, we usually put a post on the Facebook group and they’re happy to help. Give everyone a black pen and their milk bottle and get them to draw scary faces onto their bottle, the scarier the better. Then once they’ve finished, put a little bit of water in the bottle and snap the glow stick so it glows. Afterwards line them against the wall and turn of the lights. Now watch the cubs faces light up brighter than the sticks.

Orange Pumpkins

As pumpkin carving can become expensive and scary with cubs, I found a simple alternative which takes about ten minutes and all you need is a bunch of oranges and black pens. Inside of slicing into a pumpkin to create a face, draw them on the oranges. Get the cubs to draw the silliest, crazy faces they can, they will adore this!


Mummy Jars

Best till last. I found this craft on Pinterest – heaven – and knew I had to try it. For this one give yourself a bit of time, I expected them to finish fast but it took them longer than I realised. All you will need is glass jars, bandages, battery candles and googly eyes, I bought all of this for home bargains, and they were doing 2 for £1 on the jars, 5 for £1 on the bandages and even 5 for £1 on the candles! So I struck gold. Okay, so once everyone has their jars get them to wrap the bandage around it tightly, this way you don’t have to stick it to the jar. Maybe keep some tape just in case. Then stick a candle in the jar and some eyes on the bandage and you’re good to go. That’s it, all done. The cubs love it, parents love it and you can even do different sized mummies.

Getting in the spirit!

Hope everything goes great with the crafts; our cubs love them so I hope yours do too. Comment or tag my in any pictures if you recreate any, my Instagram is thegirlbehindthebackpack. Also, all opinions are my own and I’m not affiliated with any brands. Safe travels.

*I’m verryyyyy sorry this was late, it’s been my birthday which has been incredibly hectic so I hope you don’t mind!

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