Back to College Essentials

I thought I’d try and do a ‘back to school’ post seen as I’ve got my first day back myself. I know it’s more of a lifestyle blog but hey, we all went to school, even explorers šŸ™‚ So here are a couple of items that have definitely saved me during the 8 hour strain.

School is in session.

Notebooks and Paper

In the image I have two notebooks, one A4 and another A5, this means I dont have to carry around a huge backpack if I can help it. The A4 notebook is a NU notebook that has a title and date section with lined paper, not going to lie, I love lined paper it’s so much better than plain. That’s probably the ‘nerdiest’ sentence I’ve ever written. But in fairness, it’s so much easier to write on, it makes your work look so much easier and it’s usually hole punched so it slips into the folder so much better, which is why I bought two packs for like 99p at HomeBargains. I also bought the A5 notebook there, its just a plain hardback notebook, with yet again, you’ve guessed it, lined paper. wow.

Folders, Dividers and Project Files

Seen as I have so many different projects, and different subsections of each project, I need a good sturdy folder (got mine for Ā£1.50 maybe at Wilkinsons) I like the nice blue colour, it’s not too bright and it holds my work, so what’s better? The dividers are from HomeBargains again, they were 59p and I bought a couple packs, they’re great, not a lot I can say about dividers, but these are pretty good at dividing! I also got some single project files, as sometimes – keyword sometimes – do my work wrong and have to re admit it, so I bought some single files, so it won’t get lost. Yeah at college we have to give all work to reception and get a receipt, which is pretty annoying but hey ho. Mine are just another pack from HomeBargains, yet again love that place, probably Ā£1 if that.


Just in case my contacts give me headaches, so I have a quick safe back up, especially so I can see which bus I’m catching home.

Pencil Case

There’ds not exactly a huge deal to write about a pencil case, but it holds quite a few pens, plus some mascara and lipbalm (the essentials) just in case of emergencies obviously *eyeroll*. Anyway the case is just a random one I bought from WHSmiths, I needed one and they had a pretty one, for not too much money. Priorities


I don’t know if you can tell or not, I’m more of a backpack girl than a shoulder or tote bag. When I found this bag in Debenhams I thought I’d struck gold, it should’ve been Ā£30 but I got it for Ā£22 and free delivery, aye voucher codes. I loved the 2000’s tropical vibe I got from it, the bag reminded me of old Disney/Nickelodeon shows. It also fits all my camera equipment in it for college which is a necessity.


Yes I am British. Yes I love tea. Yes I’m trying to abolish every stereotype. But tea is my weakness. I drink it first thing to wake me up, on the  bus to college, when I get home, when I’m blogging or doing work and then before bed. It’s so bad, but I love it. The reason I put it in my college essentials was because I definitely wouldn’t have got through my GCSE’s without it, its like a nice warm hug while working my booty off studying.

So I hope you all enjoyed reading my college essentials. Let me know in the comments what’s your college/work essential and why? Safe Travels šŸ™‚

*I am not affiliated with any brand in any of my posts, except otherwise stated, all opinions are my own*


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