Summer Rewind 2017

Seen as tomorrow is September, and I start back at college in less than a week, I thought I would base my first post on my summer, and basically talk about myself, so you know, the usual. Just Kidding, but here’s my good and bad points of summer ’17.


The first couple weeks of June I had college, so they were pretty stressful so I basically just worked on my final major project, yeah fun I know. However, after the ninth I had the most chilled time, I literally did nothing but hang out with friend, watch TV, catch up on DofE and QSA stuff and see Jake, so you can understand it was the best time ever. Apart from one slight slip up where failed my driving test, but hey ho that’s what buses are for!


You understand what I mean by the jackets…

This was a big month, first starting with the annual Stream Scrambling event, where we literally scramble up a stream, like you do. Don’t knock it till you try it. It is one of my favourite events of the year. Imagine you, your best friends, a fast rushing stream, slippy rocks and ugly orange water guards. Yeah doesn’t get much better than that. Then you go to Gilwell24 and think these are the best moments of your life. You’re not wrong. If you’re a British Explorer Scout and haven’t been to Gilwell24, “cos its not my scene” then pal, get your roll mat out, cos this is everyone scene. Sure its a lil’ pricey but all night fun fairs, climbing walls and raves aint gonna pay for themselves. A week later, once I lost the buzz from Gilwell, was the final summer term BBQ, where my awesome (not sarcastic, he’s actually amazing) leader texted me and asked me to present what I’ve done in order to be awarded my Queen Scout. So think about this, an awkward 17 year old girl, having to present a presentation about what I’be done for the last 3 years and try and encourage people to join in more. After I stopped shaking, the presentation went well, I even made a joke. Even more shockingly, people laughed! Although obviously all good things come to end, so something had to happen, I ended up failing my drivers test for the second time, ah well. I was a little less positive than before (mainly because my bus pass ran out) and then, two days later I set off on an adventure of a life time… Romania, which was so huge deserves a post for itself, so stay tuned for that!


Looking pure fire, yeah sure

Once I came back from Romania, I had three days to wash everything and repack before heading to Keswick with Jake’s Family, which wasn’t as hard as you think, their climates are pretty different. Yet again, Keswick was so unreal it deserves its own blog post as well. Afterwards, I got home to my parents jetting off to Turkey, leaving me with my 12 year old sister, just kidding shes 21, yet she acts 12. That was very different, having to live by ourselves, but we got through, with barely any fights (we kept our distance, it’s safer that way). I finally got to see my best friend from secondary school and it was the best, she’s one of those people that never mind how long it’s been it isn’t any different and I love that. She stayed over and all we did we eat and talk, the best sleepover ever. Then, me and Jake went to Leeds Fest the following Sunday, which the festival was pretty cool, we went mainly for Eminem, who was so unbelievable, as he’s Jake’s idol and it made my year to see Jake rapping along, it was the cutest thing ever. However, the night didn’t end the way the way I planned, in a nutshell, we missed the train, on bank holiday weekend, both our phones died, every room in Leeds was taken and it soon got to 1 am. After a hell of a lot of walking, we ended up getting a taxi home, which was five times cheaper than the last room in Leeds.

Summery – See what I did there…

Summer 2017, was one of the best summers of my life. No doubt about it. One of the main reason why, was because of Scouts. I wouldn’t have done Stream Scrambling, Gilwell24, QSA, DofE, Romania, Keswick (no Scouts no Jake). So you see a main theme here… Hope you all had great summers as well, comment below your favourite memory of this summer.


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