Okay, so when I first started this blog I was a 15 year old explorer scout, I had a lot to write about with no time to write it. I have a full notebook with posts I’d planned, but every weekend would be filled with trips or work or just living, so I barely got to post. Hence why it’s been two years and I have written around 15 posts. However, I don’t think blogging was a bigger priority over living, these past two years, or else I wouldn’t be the person I am today. It’s taken a hell of a lot to get me here, and I am incredibly grateful on the loyal patient readers who do take time out of their own lives to read mine. In the next two months I hope to get myself into a routine, where I will be consistently writing every week. The content will be still of high quality/I will try my best. Although, that will also mean I will have to branch away from just Duke of Edinburgh & explorer posts as I’ll have finished, so I would love to have a go at travel writing and basically just experiences that I have (which is what I’ve wanted since being a little kid). I’m also looking at ways to make my blog more professional, such as still using Blogger or moving onto WordPress, it’s little questions I need to research into more, so I hope you’re here for the journey. Also if you could give me any tips for my blog, that would be much appreciated, either in the comment section or my email,

So I’m sorry this was a very length and probably uninteresting post but I just wanted to give you a heads up on the future for thegirlbehindthebackpack.

**I wrote this at 2am so it may not make much sense. 

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