The Scouts Guide: What I Wore in Romania

So basically, I just got home from 16 days of travelling around Romania, with a couple of explorers from my district. It was honestly the best experience of my life, I would re-do it in a heartbeat. So if you’re ever lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on an international expedition, GO ON IT. You will never regret it. But anyway, here’s some of the clothes I wore throughout my couple of weeks 🙂


Here’s me looking super awkward before I set off, but my mum wanted to take a photo of me so here I am. I’m literally just wearing a vest top, some jeans, my group Romania jacket, knecker and my explorer shirt, as you know we have to wear those. I wore this because it was still pretty cold back in England and I had two flight to catch so I needed comfort over style.


When we were in Ghimbav we stayed in the orphanage and visited some cool cities surrounding Ghimbav. When we were spending time in the orphanage I wore whatever I liked, usually comfy clothes, had some spontaneous water fights, so I had to be ready! So basically I spent the week in a dress and a play suit from New Look, mainly because they were easy to wear and dried fast. When we visited Rasnov, it was colder than usual so I wore jeans, we also wore our Romanian polo shirts which made us look more like a team.

Piatra Craiului Mountains

Here’s me looking pretty gross, but it was the best photo to show my outfit (I wish I’d planned it better) but in one photo I’m on the cross at the top of a mountain, I’m just wearing a purple workout shirt from Primark and my Nike shorts, I always wear this when hiking as I feel most comfortable, plus it was so hot, it was too warm for long trousers. In the second image I’m wearing a workout top that we fund raised for, it has our Romania logo on the front, so it was nice to be as a team again.





Okay so I know I’m supposed to be showing outfits, but in Bran they had the coolest churros, which were in a sombrero of sauces, I’d go all the way back, just for those. Bran is where Dracula’s castle is so we spent the day walking around, it was very hot so I wore some floaty shorts and a crop top, I forgot to pack an extra outfit for Bran so I had to wear it twice, oops.


Yet again the lack of planning shows, as I didn’t just get a bad photo, I forgot to take off the Instagram comment I wrote, so yay me. In my defence it was 38 degrees during the day, so I’ll just blame it on the heat 🙂 but I wore the blue play suit again (it’s my favourite sorry not sorry) and a bardot shirt from hollister, as it’d cooled down by then.
So that’s basically what I wore for each section of the trip, next time I will try to plan it more, oops.

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