How to: Make a Training less draining

So, it’s been a hectic few months (as usual) but I’ve finished college for a year and I’m trying to get back into blogging. The main reason being, in that in less than 4 months I will have finished explorers, which is weird because it has been a huge part of my life for nearly 4 years – but I’ll skip all the mushy stuff. Anyway, I’m going to Romania in about four weeks, so last weekend we had our last training expedition, and even though we did a long hike, it was still a great weekend.

Friday Night

So, the plan is, meet at the scout hut and pack your kit for Romania (16 days pack (a lot of stuff)) and that’s all I knew. Literally it. So I’m thinking it’s England – very cold nights, not too bad days – I’ll do half English pack and half Romanian. Also, this makes me sound more macho as English pack is way heavier due to the thick clothing and sleeping bag, but I just really didn’t want to be cold. 
I show up at about 7, and Chef (leader) goes through the power point and gives us a heads up on what to expect when we get out there, this is just so we’re not confused on what to pack or anything. Then he gives us £60 and tells us to go get two days of breakfasts and two days of lunch, bare in mind there’s 9 of us, which doesn’t seem like a lot, some dropped out for the training at last minute. However, when we walked up to the tiny Sainsburys, we found there wasn’t a lot of choice, so we basically bought a million wraps, some ham, mayo, cheese and some lettuce for lunch and bought croissants, chocolate spread and porridge pots. Then we bought random usual snacky food and we only spent around £30 which was amazing. It was quite fun/stressful trying to figure out what everyone likes to eat, but we got through it and no one starved!
Afterwards we walked back down, to Chef telling us to order any takeaway we like, so we had a nice Chinese to end the night off.


Like on any usual expedition, we got up and packed away for 8, which is a bit of a killer when you haven’t seen 8 am for nearly a fortnight. But hey ho you roll your mat up and get going. We pack up the cars and set up for an hour and half drive away into Derbyshire. I then find out, we’re doing ‘Romania in a day’ so we’ll be taking a train (only one stop – still counts) hiking in heat (9 1/2 miles around Whernside, didn’t make the summit but cut across around 2/3’s up) using the water purification pumps (God send) and eating out at restaurants (well we ended up at a pub but who doesn’t love pub grub). So after an amazing but tiring day we all sat around learning new card games, which was quite cute having the viaduct as your view, and then we hit the hay ready for the next day.


Chef had a decision to make on this day, either do another hike as some team members struggle, explore the caves in the Derbyshire area or have an amazing day at Lightwater Valley (a theme park). Seen as we’d done so well the day before, he threw caution to the wind and treated us to a fun day out, so we literally had the best day running about going on rides, laughing at me (I scream at everything) eating crap and basically just getting along. 

This was honestly such a great weekend, and it taught the group a lot, not just about fitness and stamina like other expeditions, but like how to get 9 huge rucksacks off a tiny train (make a chain – life lesson) and how many times we can go on the pirate ship without throwing up, we stopped at two. It just gave us a real experience on Romania, and I seriously can not wait to go. If you want to find out what I’m going to pack or anything, leave a comment and I can have a go.

Morning View
(Not my photography all credits go to Emma)

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