Okay I get it, I’m the worst Blogger alive, I’m probably not even allowed the title. The last time I posted was alllll the way back in September and I could go on about how I have a work life, a college life, a social life and a scouting life, and anyone who does scouts whilst being a student with a part time job knows fully well how hard it can be to juggle everything. Now I’m not going to bore you over another how to organise your life, but I can relinquish some wisdom on how to Fun-draise. Ayyy cheesy pun #1. Here’s my top 5 fun-draisers to get you some mullah.

  • Okay so here’s the boring one. Bag packing. Yes we all hate being stood around for 8 hours packing ignorant and rude peoples bags, being constantly told to keep bread till last (like we’d never been told before) waiting for that four o’clock ding since the minute you got there, sweating it out because you’re not allowed water or anything on the aisle (not my favourite rule but hey ho), even the hatred of seeing another scout bag packing when you’re stuck being rejected by every Tom, Dick and harry and kicking yourself for not grabbing that aisle when you should’ve. BUT, you make about £700 on a good day, so who’s the real winner? (make sure you organise it properly with the supermarket of your choice, or else its just weird and you’ll probably get asked to leave).

  • Next one, a social night. Here me out, it was a “group” effort (i.e. about 5 of us) we planned a night for everyone and our families to come together as one and enjoy the evening together, and spend all their money… Just kidding, ish, I booked a big event room (for cheap too, scouts rates) then we put on bingo, a big quiz, live musicians, pie and peas and we had loads of stalls around the back with tea and coffee, cake, tombola and then a chocolate bouquet and a find the puck (winning a signed Sheffield Steelers shirt) and yet it cost us around £80. We charged £5 for tickets for over 12’s and £2 for under, bought cheap (good) stuff and made nearly £500. Yes it was alottttt of planning but it was a very fun night. One to do if you have time and are organised.
  • Lets keep going, one of the best parts of summer is going to all the crappy village summer fates (or fairs) but they charge about £15 for a stall and you’re good to go with whatever, we’ve done tombolas, booze or lose, sponge and stocks (who doesn’t love throwing wet sponges at people you don’t know). Yeah it’s not the biggest profit but its still there we usually make £70-100 and only spend £15. So its a good day out even so and not too much organisation.

  • There’s a huge scouting event, Gilwell 24, which happens in July every year and there’s about 5,000 teenagers who go and try and stay up for 24 hours. So me being me thought of a plan to use it to my advantage. Being in their situation before, I thought what would people want at four o’clock in the morning with only greasy food trucks to fill their tummies? So I spent a whole day baking and I made loads of cakes and cookies to sell, Tara went to a big warehouse store and bulk bought sweets so we could sell small bags for 50p. All we had to do was email Gilwell prior, I spoke to a staff member for around a month, talking about where, what we need, she was very helpful and loved the idea. One the day I went and met up with her and we planned where we’d put the tables later and then we set up at 3 am. We were put on the app which helped raise awareness and we made about £100 profit. It was a fun experience and something totally different.

  • Lastly, why not co-operate with your local council to see if they have any jobs to be done? We all leafleted for about a week, we were given a map, lots of leaflets and a section of the village to distribute to. Yeah it’s not the funnest job to do but aye work outs… yeahh but really, you can make a lot of money and if they think you worked well, they’re more likely to donate money to your cause or hire you for jobs next time. 

So if you are fundraising for a cause I hope these ideas are helpful and I would love to hear feedback if you’ve tried them or have any ideas of your own, good luck! 🙂

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