How to Get Out

We live a lazy world. Admit it you get someone to drop you off when you could take a bus. You get your weekly food shop delivered. If you could, you would have a fridge next to your bed and a TV on your ceiling. We all would. I get it.

However, being an old-fashioned bird that I am, my boyfriend and I have been trekking out to the Peak District, a National Park nearby our home or heading out to the coast and cities, why not.

So, here’s a few tips and tricks to get your booty of the couch.

1. Think of what you want to do over your time frame, Jake (boyf) and I used the summer and made a little ‘bucket list’ of all the things we wanted to do. We’ve been sailing, stargazing, climbing, board game nights, bonfires, our list was endless. But, we’ve finally got through it and our summer’s been amazing.

2. Plan or be spontaneous, it’s your trip! Either way both trips will be entirely different, for example Jake planned an amazing day out to the Coast, however, it cost around £300 for tickets, about 4 separate attractions and 2 restaurants (plus ice cream along the way). Yet one Sunday we spontaneously decided to have a picnic at the Peak District, it cost £13 for an hours journey on a train there with one change, both us us and an all day return, so basically 8 passes for £13. I nearly cried about how cheap it was. Then we took bacon, bread, a stove, some snacks and a water, all for less than £15. Yeah, a full day out, less than £28.

 (Top – Scarborough = Bottom – Peak District)
3. Buy a Discounted Travel Card. I can’t tell you enough about how much money Jake and I have saved using a Two Together Railcard. At least a third of the price is gone, like what, that’s a lot of money you can now spend on food or Netflix, cos what else do we do with money. Yet now you can do both, and there’s lots of different travel cards, which are tailored to everyone! I’m such a dork 🙂

4. Talk to people. Know what you want to do? Know someone that has already done it before? Talk to them, it will make your adventure 100% easier. They been there, done that, got the T-shirt, they probably know short cuts or discounts or even people you can talk to if they don’t. I’m lucky as I do explorers as I have an infinite source of knowledge that is always happy to help. Even if you cant find people you know, google it. Someone somewhere has to have an answer.

I really hope these tips and tricks help, if they do please comment and let me know, if not, please comment and let me know. As always, Good Luck in your next adventure 🙂

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