What I’ve Been Doing

Okay, my last post was over 7 months ago, I’m a terrible blogger, I get it, don’t hate me. In my defence 2016 has been the most grueling and challenging year I’ve ever had. So be nice, please.

Its January, the first month of the year, hopes are high and bank accounts are low. There’s 7 friends, all closer than ever. Having sleepovers, pizza nights and shopping trips, the usual teen crap we all do. Then suddenly, one by one a girl goes down, till finally there’s four left. And I’m not one of them. 
So basically, I got ditched by my best friends, lol. But luckily, I found friends that truly care and appreciate me (cuties). Its funny because my now best friend (*G) wanted to be my friend and I wanted to be hers, but we were both worried we’d think each other was weird, oops 🙂 and now I can always trust that she’s there for me.

It’s still January, I’d planned to stay on at Sixth Form throughout my whole school life, I had no plans for the summer, nothing, just the same ol’ Tv and Pj days, which are great, but not for the whole time. Fast forward to April, I have a conditional offer to college to do a media course, a whole new group of friends, I signed up to do NCS for four weeks during the summer, I got the most amazing and perfect boyfriend ever, my GCSE’s are over, I’m fundraising for my trip to Romania in 2017 and Scandinavia in 2018, been on lots of explorer trips and I’ve just finished my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Expedition. So life’s good.

This was just a post so that you all don’t hate me and now I’ve practically finished NCS and DofE, I promise I’ll be posting more frequently. If you’ve ever been through a similar experience whether with friends or being overwhelmed, leave a comment because I’d love to hear your stories too.

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