Normally, all my blogs are about the Duke of Edinburgh, or how to work it round your life, but as it’s the first blog of the new year, I thought I’d start it out a little differently. I don’t want this blog to sound like an opening to a cheesy movie, it’s just recently, I’ve just been reflecting on what’s happened over the past year and how it’s changed me as a person (okay that was cheesy).

As a little girl I was afraid of pretty much everything, whether irrational or rational. For example one of my major irrational fears were escalators, I was terrified of getting on them because I thought I’d slip straight down. I took the stairs a lot. This was irrational because in the 16 years I’ve been on this planet, I’ve never slipped straight down, or heard of anyone doing the same.  
However, I have more rational fear such as heights, so there’s been a lot of instances where I’ve held myself back from amazing experiences due to the height of the activity, such as three years ago, I went to a netball camp with all the girls from my squad and we were given the opportunity to abseil. Anyone with a fear of heights knows that it’s not until you get to the height, then you feel that sinking feeling in your stomach, your hands get sweaty and your breath feels thin. That was when I started to shake and went back down. Little did I know, that’s progression, I’d worked up the courage to climb those awful wooden stairs where you can see every screw and every wood beam, which still surprises me, I had at least tried.
Now rewind three months, middle of October, I was invited on a team building week with school to Kingswood activity camp (amazing) where there’s a lot of high activities, such as the Leap of Faith where you claim onto a platform and leap into mid-air, and there was Zip Lining (there’s more activities these are just what we did). So I was dreading this weekend for quite a while, which was stupid because absolutely loved it. I actually zip lined and I climbed to the platform of the Leap of Faith – maybe next time I’ll jump. The guy at the top of the zip line told me that fear and excitement are pretty much the same thing, you don’t know what’s about to happen, it’s the anticipation that causes the butterfly’s in your stomach and the sweating in your palms. So, when you’re about to do something new, convince yourself that you’re exciting to give this speech for example, then the words will come easier when you’re relaxed and happy about giving the speech.

This is Google’s definition of fear. That fear’s an emotion caused by a threat. Pretty much it. An emotion. An emotion is what’s holding you back from climbing the Leap of Faith, Zip lining, doing a great public speech, meeting a guy/girl and using an escalator. Now I look back and realise I let a little emotion keep me from having the some of the best moments of my life, so far. I know it got personal there but New Year new me and all that crap. This does relate to DofE a little as it’s full of scary experiences that will better you as a person.

(First image screenshotted from Google
second image is me and my friends at Kingswood)

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