How to – Buy Christmas presents for an Explorer

Okay, to a non-explorer were not the easiest people to buy for. But once you’ve ‘cracked that shell’ there’s so much you can buy for them, whether they’re your friend, son/daughter or you’re in a relationship with them. I’ve compiled a gift guide which is pretty unisex, so you can’t really go wrong.

1) ‘Survival Kit’

  • A Carabeiner – You can’t go wrong, they’ve very practical on expeditions and they make you look ‘cool’ (not allowed to say another word but you know what I mean).
  • First aid kit – Pretty self explanatory, you don’t want them to get hurt, simple solution.
  • Weightless food – That stuff can be expensive. I personally don’t have £6 to spend on one packet which just one meal, so if you buy them like 2, they can cute little stocking fillers and they’re big so they’ll fill the stocking.
  • Wet wipes – They are weightless and your explorer will be so grateful if you do, just trust me.
  • Travel toiletries – The essentials really, they can again be cute little stocking fillers or you could buy those little packs that aren’t very expensive. 
  • Socks – I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned socks in my previous posts, but they are so important, hands down I will love you forever if you buy me good, comfortable hiking socks. Usually they aren’t even that expensive for a good brand.
  • Dry bags – You can buy them cheap from Sports Direct for a few quid and they are great for just keeping your stuff together.
  • Compass – As they are very useful for when you’re lost and have no idea where you’re going.

2) Big Gift

  •  Walking Boots – A great idea for a new explorer, but I warn you, don’t go straight to an expedition without wearing your boots in first, not a good idea, so wear them around the house or to school or whenever you can really, just to make them comfortable.
  • Coat – Who doesn’t need a coat? Especially in winter, in England. Plus coats are such a versatile gift, you don’t even need to be an explorer, wear it everywhere, coats are a great gift idea.
  • Rucksack – A quality rucksack can be expensive (my Berghaus rucksack was around £80 without DofE discount) so they’re good for a main Christmas present. However, I would advise taking your explorer with you when your purchasing it, as one of the store members can adjust it perfectly to your body.
  • Sleeping bag and roll mat – The worst thing is being sleeping on the hard ground, in winter, with a one season sleeping bag. It’s not nice. Both sleeping bags and roll mats vary in price you can get very high quality for a very high price or you can average it out. It really depends on your situation.

3) Gift Cards

  • If you are still unsure what to buy for your explorer, buy them a gift card. I know that the major camping stores, like Mountain Warehouse and Go Outdoors sell them, and then they can pick out what they like.

I hoped this helped, and made it easier to select a suitable item, if you did find this helpful please comment and let me know 🙂 (I know the image isn’t very relevant, I just thought it was cool)

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