How to – Girls problems

Sorry guys but this is a post for the female explorers, so just skip past this post or continue reading if you’re interested. It is pretty much how I deal with them when I’m on an expedition. 

Makeup ~

I would say don’t, personally, mainly because its a massive faff, you need your makeup and then wipes and that is extra weight. Also its a little unsanitary as you’re not washing your face properly all weekend (or however long the expedition is) so you’re rubbing dirt onto your makeup and makeups expensive enough as it is without having to replace it often. But, if you feel uncomfortable then feel free, just make sure your face is clean beforehand.

Clothes ~

I pretty much went over what to wear on my last post, so have a look if you’re still unsure, but my main tips are comfort not style, its a long weekend if not. Also, don’t be too ‘scandalous’ (if you know what I mean) to be honest explorers is mainly made up of lads and none of them will respect you if you dress too ‘scandalously’ and the leaders probably won’t be too happy either.

Hair ~

I have super long hair, so every time I’m on an expedition I am insanely jealous of anyone with short hair and constantly think about chopping it all off with my penknife. Luckily I don’t, I normally twist it into a bun or a long french plate so its up and out of my face.

Nails ~

Best thing I’ve ever found! You can find pen knife/Swiss army knives that have nail files and clippers attached, I found mine at mountain ware house that had all the usual pen knife occupants (knife, saw, scissors) but with the nail stuff too.

Sweat ~

Everyone will be in the same boat on an expedition, so you will all stink especially as you probably won’t have a shower all weekend, the best thing to take are wet wipes because you can chuck them as soon as you’ve used them and don’t have to bother with waiting for your flannel/towel to dry. Try and share deodorant with another girl, it’s less weight and cheaper. 

Periods ~

Lets be honest, we all knew this was coming up at one point. It was probably my worst nightmare for an expedition, until I actually got mine the Saturday of an expedition. I figured out it wasn’t the worst thing (it’s not like I have an easy one either) I just doubled up on underwear and took paracetamol. You just have to get on with it really. There is a pill that you can get from you GP to delay your period but I’d be careful as I’m not really sure on it. Main tip is, don’t worry about it, every girl goes through it so you’re not alone.

I’m sorry if any lads did go through that, but you were warned. Hope this helped you girls, don’t worry too much about any of the above, you’ll love it by the end and if you don’t, you’ve not done it right. If there’s any ideas for posts, comment and I will have ago. 

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