How to – Write a Participants Comments

When you are doing your Dofe, the hardest part isn’t the expedition or any of the sections. Its the write up afterwards. If you keep a diary you can write up what you’ve done easily, however, I struggle the most on how to write up my participants comments, so here’s my guidelines on how to write it up.

  1. Give information on your section – Just say what it is and what you’ve done, just the basic details, nothing more than 3 sentences. 
  2. Say whether you like it or not – Be honest, if you didn’t like it, say you didn’t like it. But explain why and give reason. Again keep it brief, you probably don’t want to write an essay anyway.
  3. Would you do it again – Normally this is the easiest bit because you just have to write a sentence like ‘I would/would not do it again because…’ and if you wouldn’t do it again, say what you would do next time.
Also here are some extra ideas for each individual section:
  • Physical – Talk about how you kept hydrated and a balanced diet throughout your section. Just write some health and fitness jargon that makes sense and you’re good to go.
  • Volunteering – My volunteering is cub scouts, so I normally write about whether I have learnt anything from being a volunteer, such as Braille and disability awareness, however, this can be altered to suit your volunteering.
  • Skill – Again comment on what you’ve learnt, your favourite bit, just general comments.
  • Expedition – Give some insight into your expedition, such as whether you liked your team, any memories, did you find it tough and so on.
I hope this helped as it can be a struggle trying to write it up, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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