Night routine for after an expedition

Okay, in an ideal world after you’ve done you’re expedition, you’re absolutely fine, no problems, no aching, nothing. But that’s obviously not the case. Anyone who’s done an expedition, will agree, it does take time to feel better, so the best idea is to chill out after an exped, relax, you’ve just had an intense weekend.

Here is my night routine for after an expedition:

  • Macdonalds – On the way home we would head straight to macdonalds, grab a burger and some chips and not even care. After eating nothing but sandwiches and dry packet food, all i want is a macdonalds and im happy to admit that
  • Warm bath – All weekend you probably haven’t had a shower or if you have you probably still aren’t very clean. A warm relaxing bath can calm you down. Also a warm relaxing bath can help your aching muscles especially if you buy a muscle soak
  • Film and a cup of tea – Pop a film on, have a cup of tea and put your feet up
  • Ice packs – Normally, my ankle hurts so i rest it with an ice pack/frozen peas, and by the next day the pain is gone. However, if your pain consists go see your doctor
  • Sleep – You’ve probably been dreaming of your bed since the first night in the tent, foam roll mats and sleeping bags aren’t nearly as comfortable as your soft mattress and fluffy duvet. Just head to bed, call it a night. You deserve it. 🙂


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