Top 10 Tips and Tricks for new Bronze Epiditioners

Here’s my top 10 tips and tricks which have helped me through my expeditions so far:

10) Take A Compass. A good idea is to take a compass, so your able to measure the distance and match it up with the key at the bottom of the map, this helps as you know how much further you need to walk
9) Dual USB Chargers. You can buy dual USB chargers on Amazon (you might be able to buy from other places) which aren’t any more expensive than a single USB charger. But the best thing is that as chargers can be quite bulky you can pair up with someone so there’s no extra weight!
8) Bring Extra Shoes. Once you’ve walked all day, you’ve sludged through muddy puddles, climbed grassland hills and trekked through cow fields, you don’t exactly want to put you want to put your boots on back at camp, so a simple idea is to take a pair of pumps or lightweight shoes that you don’t mind if they get dirty, you will thank me for this one
7) Make Friends. As its probably your first expedition, there will probably be shadowers (people who’ve done the route before stay behind and make sure you don’t go too far wrong) they are going to be on a lot of your expeditions so be nice, make friends, they are going to be really helpful. On my silver whilst we got our bed ready the guys got a water boiled and put the pasta on for us, so most are nice people just get to know them.
6) Talcum Powder. May sound silly but seriously this is helpful, I don’t know all the science behind it but talcum powder helps take the damp out of your boots, its a proven fact (well we did it last exped) so if you put the powder in at night, your boots will feel a lot better by morning
5) Keep Warm. Its not a fashion show, you are out for two days and one night, keep warm no one cares what you look like, if you want to wear waterproof trousers, go for it, i would they’ve kept me warm, you want to wear gators do what you need to do. For you, remember its you that’ll be cold if not. 
4) Take Food You Like. Yeah porridge is great for expeds, its lightweight and it gives you lots of energy but that means nothing if you don’t eat it. Take food you like, I’m sure there’s lots of foods appropriate for expeds that you’ll like but make sure you eat, it’ll be the only thing that’ll keep you going on the second day
3) Try To Borrow Equipment. It’s very likely your leader or someone you know has got a good tent or sleeping bag that you’ll be able to borrow you don’t need to break the bank for a few weekends out of the year
2) Don’t Take Everything On The Kit List. You honestly do not need everything, some items are ‘just in case.’ Make your kit list about what you think YOU would need on a two day trip, if you don’t think you need it, don’t take it or share someone else’s, but there are a lot of essentials so use the kit list as a guide more than a must.
1) PAIR UP: I know I’ve referenced this point a lot in all the other points, but there’s a reason, there’s also a reason why its my top tip. ITS SMART! think of taking double everything, that’s what happens when you’re on your own, why? I do not get it. Why would everyone take a hairbrush or a whole tube of toothpaste, things that you don’t need all the time and can be used more than once why not share. It gets a rid of a tonne of extra weight that is really a waste especially when you are there for two days.
Top of the hill, just finished the snowball fight 

Well done if  you got to the end 🙂 it was a little bit detailed but it will help, I swear. Don’t worry about the expedition if anything goes wrong, you’ll know for next time (that’s why there’s training’s :))

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